Some of you read or have heard of Rosanne's journey. It started when she received the untimely news that she had metastatic colon cancer.

When Rosanne became ill, she had the insight to recognize the important overlooked needs of those who were inflicted with such an overwhelming and devastating disease. There are those who step back or step up to the plate. Rosanne chose to step up.

She never thought twice, but just opened her purse and heart to those who confided in her. Before receiving her own treatment, she would see to the needs of others offering words of kindness and small gestures such as fluffing pillows, fetching drinks, and then sitting in her chair to also receive her own treatment. The new patients would inquire why she was sitting among them and she would smile and say she was one of them, she also needed treatment.

Rosanne said that when she become well, she wanted to make a difference and help where the pain was. To in fact, start a cancer patient fund that would give 100% of its proceeds to the patients. Rosanne never got well, but her dream continues to come true because of the hard work of the fund members and folks like you - the journey continues...

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