About The Rose Fund
The Rose Fund Society ("The Rose Fund") is a Canadian registered non-profit organization. To some it is also known as The Rosanne Himmelman Cancer Patient Foundation.

Rosanne Himmelman's struggle with metastic colon cancer ended on February 8, 2005. During the last 6 months of her illness, Rosanne spoke often of her desire for a foundation that would help diminish the suffering of others living with cancer. To honour her dream, friends and family have setup The Rose Fund, a registered non-profit organization, with love in her memory. It is of her wishes that this foundation was created "To Help Where The Pain Is".

The Rose Fund continues to help families that struggle financially while being treated for cancer. One-hundred percent of all proceeds raised are given back to local communities who desperately seek assistance. In 2008 alone, thirteen thousand dollars was given back to those in great need of help.

The Rose Fund is very grateful to individuals and organizations that are able to reach out and help those in need. To make your donation, please call 1 902 543 8065, or via other methods here.
    The Rose Fund Vision
To help diminish the suffering of others living with cancer. The Rose Fund Mission
To assist financially, those who have fallen through the cracks after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

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